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Secrets Of Terracotta Tiles Revealed !

Secrets Of Terracotta Tiles Revealed !

We can reveal to you the ways to tell a real handmade terracotta tile from a cheap terracotta claiming to be “Handmade”

The first and main way is to look at the edges, straight and uniform, machine made.

Glass like Smooth surface and sometimes base, machine made.

Another way is the weight, our terracotta tiles are made from a lump of clay being thrown into a mould and spread out to fill the mould evenly. Cheaper tiles are created by filling moulds with a liquid clay which is full of air bubbles therefore our terracotta tiles are heavy because of the dense clay whereas the liquid clay dries and is lighter and more fragile because of the air bubbles that have dried inside leaving a honeycombed tile. Purchase one of our handmade terracotta samples to compare weight for weight. or call Freephone 0800 043 8453


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  1. David Hurst
    January 8, 2014

    Thank you

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